Chill Zone
The "New Standards"

Tired of the same old background music? Want to hear Classic Rock tunes done in a cool, hip way? Then this is the group for you!
Chill Zone is a group of amazing musicians that love to play the songs you and I grew up with: Stones. Taylor. Beatles. Santana. You know, the good stuff. Done instrumentally, your guests will nod in agreement: “Yeah, I love that song!”
Normally a 4 Piece (Guitar, Bass, Drums and Keyboard), Chill Zone also goes out as a 3 Piece (sans Keyboard) for Cocktails and/or a 5 Piece and up (add another Guitar, Sax, Horn Section) for Receptions and bigger events. But the volume stays low and your guests can still talk.

You will need the latest version of Quicktime.
You can get the latest version at:

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