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SAMAGANA is an Indian Classical Music Ensemble. With 90 years of collective experience, SAMAGANA, the group does various combinations of Sarode (like a Sitar), Bansuri (Indian Flute) and Tabla (Indian Percussion).

Click here for a sample of SAMAGANA:
Raga Kafi (Trio)
Raga Gor Saraang (Trio)
Raga Hansadwani (Trio)
Raga Gorakh Kalyan (Sarode and Tabla Duo)


Shakti Tal is a World Music group that features a variety of instruments and musical styles from around the world. The group can perform with a variety of instruments including Sitar, Cello, Tabla, Keyboards and other World Percussion instruments.

Click here for a sample of SHAKTI TAL:
Sampler (Sitar and Cello)


RONOBAR studied under Sri Deepak Choudhuri in Calcutta, India. An accomplished actor and composer, he received the 2000 Helen Hayes Award for excellence in sound design for a original score for Tom Stoppard's Indian Ink. Broad Strokes is his first album.

Click here for a sample of RONOBAR:
Alaap (Solo Sitar)
Chiati (Sitar and Tabla)

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